Top 75

For fun, I decided to try to cut down my book and comic collections down to 75 volumes each. Imagine how much shelf space I’d save!

Well, I couldn’t be THAT drastic, but I could do something along these lines:

  • 75 novels…but series and related entries count as a single entry
  • 75 non-fiction books…but reference books don’t count
  • 75 comics series…rather than individual books. Properties published by multiple companies, such as Magnus and Harbinger, count as a single entry.
  • 75 trade paperbacks…but each series counts as single entry, and every Matt Kindt book counts as a series

Want to see what I kept (***)? Want to see what I cut? Take a a look at the long, long, loooong list below the cut…

(of course, when it came time to put the books in the boxes, I flinched at a couple of spots…)