Brainstorm Box

Game pieces

Many boardgames sacrificed their tokens to make this kit…

Given that I got into the game design biz via technical writing and boardgame enthusiasm, I find it easier to think with my hands…pushing a pencil across the page, the buttons on a keyboard, or plastic figures on a cardboard map. Even if the game is distributed digitally, they’re still fundamentally tactile.

So, to keep the ideas flowing, I put together a brainstorm box out of materials scavenged from old boardgames. There’s a little bit of everything here:

Quotes of #Shakespeareyear

One of my 2014 resolutions was to finally read all Shakespeare’s plays, and, at an irregular pace of one play per week, I made it. I bookmarked interesting quotes or turns of phrase in the Shakespeare app, and then tweeted one quote for each play. Here they are:

The One Bling

Back in 1994, I spent the summer selling tickets for the Montreal Impact. Summer turned into fall as the Impact kept winning games…including an unlikely championship at Claude Robillard Stadium.

Two weeks after the win, I closed the books and focused on school.

Two months after that (or so), I received a team ring! It was huge and gaudy and inscribed with my name and position (T for Tickets, but I like to say it stood for The Goalie).

Two years after that, I sold the ring to a jewellery buyer for the gold value. I always wondered what happened to it. I scouted eBay and randomly Googled with no luck.

Twenty years later, I found it! I wouldn’t have bought it back at that price, but it’s nice to have a picture:Legendary Auctions link.